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Manufacturers requiring seamless vinyl upholstery for healthcare equipment used in medical, veterinary, and dental markets turn to us for complete cushions used on examination tables, stools and chairs. As do OEMs requiring seamless upholstery used in ambulance seating. GR Golf is a dba of Wurm's Woodworking Company. To learn more about WWC visit Thermoformed plastic back caps, bottom pans, cut-to-size plywood substrates are also available.

WWC has precision cut wood substrates for 72 years. Often these components are hidden from view in the base of a cushion. Since the 1980's, the company has thermoformed seamless vinyl upholstery for the recreational and sport vehicle market, ATV, utility vehicle, emergency medical and health care industries. Seamless vinyl seat covers have no thread to become brittle and break and no point of entry for moisture to seep. In 2005, WWC purchased the golf cart seating from Grand Rock, naming this our GR Golf division.

OEMs inquiring about seamless vinyl seat covers, cushions, plastic back caps or cut-to-size substrates for Emergency Medical or Healthcare applications should contact Valerie Sanderson by phone at 419-492-3232 ext 1002 or by email at
OEM Emergency Medical & Healthcare
"We consider GR Golf to be one of our best suppliers and highly recommend them as a partner." purchasing manager / supplier quality
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