Tan for EZGo

White for EZGo

Oyster for EZGo

Conley Gray for EZGo

Slate for EZGo

Brown for EZGo

StoneBeige for EZGo RXV

Ivory for Yamaha G2-22

Silver for Yamaha Umax 23,27,28

SandStone for Yamaha Drive
Buff for CC DS

BWhite for CC DS

Dove Gray for CC DS & Precedent

Black for CC DS & Precedent

Beige for CC Precedent

MWhite for CC Precedent
GR Golf stocks all OEM Seamless Vinyl Upholstery Colors matching
Club Car, EZGo & Yamaha including:
Sewn Vinyl Upholstery available in more than 25 additional color choices


gr_golf_02022017_website008003.jpg gr_golf_02022017_website007003.jpg
Shown Above: CNC Routers are used by Wurm's Woodworking Co. to precisely cut, trim & shape plywood substrates used by the GR Golf division.
GR Golf's plywood substrate:

Fabricated from a panel graded AC and laid up with exterior glue meeting US Product Standards PS1-95 and are Teco Tested.
Tend to lay flatter and do not have core voids on the face side.
CNC cut and are radiused on 1 side so that the vinyl is not rubbing a sharp edge.
Precisely inserted t-nuts with an automated machine. These fasteners have a protective plating and feature a crimp lock which reduces the possibility of the bolt pushing it back out.
GR Golf's foam substrate:

Not molded. Not rebond. Contour cut from virgin, high density, fire rated polyurethane foam with long life expectancy. We do not use packaging grade foam!
Foam glued to plywood base to prevent shifting.
 Assembled using corrosion resistant galvanized upholstery staples. GR Golf consistently upholsters cushions of high quality.
GR Golf's vinyl covering:

Seamless or Sewn (details under Seat Covers)
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GR Golf Spring 2017 edition Catalog of Seat Covers, Cushion Assemblies & Related Parts (PDF)