1950's - Seating companies recognized Wurm's Woodworking Co. as a good source of supply for cut-to-size plywood substrates for boat, camper, van, truck, upholstered furniture and chairs.

1989 - Wurm's Woodworking Co. begins thermoforming seat components.

Early 1990's - Wurm's Woodworking Co. began supplying seamless vinyl seat skins to a customer for aftermarket golf cart use while also supplying plywood substrates for use in their complete cushion assemblies.

1999 - Thermoforming operations moved to newly constructed High Street facility.

2005 - Wurm's Woodworking Co. purchases customer's golf seating product line and establishes division using the tradename GR Golf.

2006-2009 GR Golf grows by supplying strategically selected distributors, online retailers & rear seat kit manufacturers. GR Golf expands product lineup to include a complete line of vinyl seat covers & cushions in OEM factory colors for nearly all replacements on Club Car, EZGo & Yamaha golf carts. GR Golf partners with external source to incorporate sewn products into its catalog.

2010-present Alan Frank is hired in 2010 for business development among authorized factory dealers. Today, Wurm's Woodworking Co. and its GR Golf division supply major OEMs with seamless vinyl upholstery for recreational and sport vehicle market, ATV, utility vehicle, emergency medical and health care industries; complete cushions from our GR Golf division.
We have fabricated the golf cart seat products for more than two decades!