Wurm's Woodworking Co. and its GR Golf division supply major OEMs with seamless vinyl upholstery for a growing list of markets including the recreational and sport vehicle market, ATV, utility vehicle, emergency medical and health care industries. Products for OEMs are produced off YOUR tooling, meet YOUR specs and are not resold to your customers by our aftermarket division. Domestic rear seat kit manufacturers also turn to GR Golf for cushions used in stationary and flipflop rear kits. Cut-to-size plywood substrates are also available. OEMs & Rear Seat Kit Builders inquiring about seamless vinyl seat covers, cushions or cut-to-size plywood substrates should contact Valerie Sanderson by phone at 419-492-3232 ext. 1002 or email at
Ph: 419-492-3232
Fax: 419-492-2049
OEMs &
Rear Seat Kit Builders
Our products are fabricated and assembled in
the USA!

Last year
we produced 250,000+
golf seats
"We consider GR Golf to be one of our best suppliers and highly recommend them as a partner." purchasing manager / supplier quality
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Seat Components:

Thermoformed Vinyl Seat Covers

Thermoformed Plastic Back Panels

Cut-to-Size Plywood Substrates
Seat Cushions:

Conventional Style

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